Welcome lovelies. Let’s Do This.

Welcome lovelies. Let’s Do This.

Hello there lovely people. Welcome to Wine in a Sippy Cup.

It’s a blog I’ve been meaning to start for about 2 years now and something always gets in the way. These “somethings” range from small mundane everyday things, to huge amazing magical big life things. The dishes, the costumes to make, the parties to plan, the tiny blissful moments of connecting with the kids, the annoying mosquitoes of life, the piles on the stairs, The Walking Dead, the clutter, the clutter, the clutter.

But today as we stand on the precipice of 2017 with it’s frightening and unsure future, I feel calm. I’m sure that calm is partly because it’s the first time I’ve had the house to myself in weeks. My mother-in-law took the kids to Barnes & Noble (or Barnes McNoble as my daughter calls it) and my husband and father-in-law are at the local beer garden watching the Patriots game. It’s quiet. Actually silent. A sound rarely heard in our little townhouse in Brooklyn. Is silence a sound? My editor hubby may have flagged that, but this is my blog. I’m going to try not to edit too much.

Let me paint a picture of my silent house. There are dishes in the sink. The kitchen island is peppered with small random items that never seem to make their way into a proper home. There is a Statue of Liberty crown that my daughter made, some uneaten strawberries that my son just left, a box of tissue, a People magazine with George Michael on the cover, my canon camera, the Arts section from yesterday’s New York Times, two small souvenir bubbles from The Gazillion Bubbles Show, a Christmas card just opened, a bottle of hand sanitizer, my keys, a pair of Christmas socks, a sticker book. These can all be explained of course and in a matter of minutes can be put somewhere else, or thrown away, and my instinct in a silent house by myself is to immediately fix this. I’ll be honest there is nothing I love more than a clean kitchen island with nothing on it. There is rarely anything more satisfying. But I’m leaving it. And I’m not going to put the shoes in their respective shoe baskets, and I’m not going to clear the stairs of tiaras and matchbox cars. I’m not going to put that plate with one lone pancake in the sink. Nope. I’m going to write to you.

Am I different from any other mom blog? I am not. Will I write something so profound and enlightening that you will print it and laminate it and keep it in your purse? Probably not. Although that would be awesome. I will try to make you laugh, nod your head in agreement and feel a little less shitty about yourself.

Think of this blog as an imperfect selfie. I’m going to turn the camera around and show you the behind the scenes of a super fun, flawed, creative, crazy, theater loving, poker playing, party planning, too much wine sipping mom. Aren’t there blogs like this already? Yeah, about as many as there were bubbles in that Gazillion Bubble Show. But it will be my show. And I’m excited…and nervous (not as much as my husband) to share it all with you.

Don’t worry I’m still going to post the best pictures out of the 2356 I took. I’ll still sweep the toys and half eaten granola bars out of the frame, so it looks like we live in a clutter free perfectly staged home. I’ll add filters that make us look better than ever. But then I’ll turn around and take the picture of the pile I swept up. Because that is half of the story. And I think it will make us all feel better, damn it.

I’m also going to post about the parties I’ve thrown (which I admit, are pretty bad-ass), things I’ve learned after 44 years on this planet, crafts I love, things I’m pissed about (TRUMP!) things I adore, gadgets and gear I can’t live without and just funny everyday things that make me happy. I am so blessed and so lucky. We are a privileged family with so much love and bounty on our side. But I’m still human and sometimes stress the small stuff and judge myself and complain about things that some people would give everything for. So I’m just going to talk about it and admit it and own it. And hopefully make someone’s day or inspire someone to do something creative. Or piss someone off and spur her into action.

This is a no judgment zone. Feel free to commiserate, post your behind the scenes, leave the dishes where they are and join me as I expose myself in honor of all you perfect imperfect people out there. And pour yourself a sippy cup of whatever makes you happy.

Bottoms up.




  1. wobut1
    January 2, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    Love it!
    Shut up!
    No, don’t shut up!
    More more more!!! Gimme more wineinasippycup pleeeeease!

  2. January 3, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    I AM in AWE of your AUTHENTICITY, Courtney Rohler Sullivan !!! 🙂 You, like your sister Jordan ARE a GIFT to the YOUniverse. <3 You have my full support to keep on SHINING YOUR LIGHT on Playground Earth – a Classroom for Learning, not a Courtroom for Judging. Unlimited Abundant Cheers Abound for ALL.
    Love and BEyond ~~~~~~~~~your Soul Sister
    Ardath, aLOhA Life Coach and FUN Raiser 🙂
    Corner of Happy & Abundant, Playground Earth

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