Magical Minimalism

Magical Minimalism

Welcome to my new SUNDAY “SERMON” WITH A SIPPY CUP  series!

Basically this series will be me giving myself a pep talk every Sunday. I’m far from religious and my church consists of going to brunch with friends or sleeping in. So read at your own risk…and with a sippy cup full of something good! The latter is mandatory. Even if it’s decaf tea.

Bottoms up. 

Ok lovelies. So I signed up for that online Joshua Becker “Uncluttered Course” course. It starts tomorrow. I think I may hate him already. But not in the way that I hate Trump or tofu, but in the way that I hate ordering a side salad instead of fries or when my husband is right about something that is clearly my department of expertise. I haven’t even read Becker’s book because that would mean playing less of Two Dots and actually, well, reading something longer than a People magazine article.

But yay! I’m going to organize and conquer. In 12 weeks my home is going to look like a Zen palace. And I’m going to be able to instagram a picture of me with my feet up holding a cup of tea sippy cup of wine with the most perfect peaceful clutter free scene in the background. I can SEE it. I can picture my perfectly peaceful home. And it makes me giddy with excitement. The weird thing is, when I picture my home after this uncluttered course, it actually looks like we’ve moved to a California house that I have been obsessing over on Trulia. Funny I can’t picture our current house, but…whatever.

I signed up on the spur of the moment after getting a 25% off code from another mommy blogger (The Minimalist Plate) who is a self-proclaimed minimalist. Like she’s a no joke minimalist, who has actual empty shelves and only three beauty products including lipgloss. She is an uncluttered badass.

Here’s the skinny, lovelies. I hate clutter. It makes me crazy. I’m constantly trying to find a place, a home, a trashcan for the clutter. But here’s the rub. Some of that clutter is also my magic. My little details that make me who I am and help me create a home that isn’t cookie cutter. A lot of that clutter makes my tables at dinner parties, masterpieces! It inspires impromptu art projects and often brings joy to my children. Some of that clutter is remnants of MY current party or pet project. My clutter can actually make the mundane magical! But it also makes me unproductive, cranky, stressed and spend too much time sorting and cleaning. So how do I go minimal without losing the magic? I have no flipping idea. So I am going to take an online course. 😉

I bought this quote to keep on my desk. It reads “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

YES! Eliminate the unnecessary. But here’s a little story from yesterday. On my kitchen island sat three (3!) bobblehead hockey player figurines that Sean got as freebies at a game. I had thrown them in a Christmas décor box when I was decking our halls and forgot all about them. As I packed up holiday baubles the bobbles resurfaced. Total Unnecessaries. Am I right? I was in one of those trash moods. Where everything I came across I wanted to throw away. I adore these moods. They are so productive. They are so freeing! But just as I was about to ask my husband if I could rid ourselves of the bobble clutter, my son picked one up. Boychuk bobbled, Zeke bobbled. Boychuk bobbled, Zeke bobbled. And then he cracked up. Like SERIOUSLY cracked up. Like movie style childhood giggles. And it was a moment of magic.

I rest my case. I have no case. I have no point. Except that I want an uncluttered house full of magic. Is magical minimalism like magical thinking? Or is there someway to obtain this happy medium? I hope so. And I’m going to try.

Well, so much for my first Sunday Sermon. Now I have to go trash some bobbleheads after I have Zeke recreate his giggle fest on video. Problem. Solved. Thank god for mimosas in sippy cups.



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  1. CP
    January 8, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    You speak for many!

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