Custom “Canva” Valentines

Custom “Canva” Valentines

My daughter wanted to have three different kinds of valentines this year. Moana, Poppy from Trolls and Ash from Sing. We wanted them to have a homemade feel, but the thought of making 30 of them was daunting…

So I decided to use my favorite program called Canva. Check it out! You can use it for free for awhile and learn lots of fun stuff. Yes, you have to be a BIT computer savvy, but if you are someone who is a quick learn, I think you’ll love how easy this program is to use.  I love it because it’s a super easy way to design Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest posts. They already have perfect size templates to work with.

For her valentines, I knew I wanted a simple 4×6 postcard from Avery. I ordered Avery White Postcards #5389 from Amazon. Then I set to work designing.

I started with the program PAINT 2 on my computer. It’s a free APP and very easy to download. It’s such a great way to create an image with a TRANSPARENT background. Meaning, I am able to “cut” around her drawings creating an image of her art that I can place on any colored background. Hope that makes sense…let me show you.

Zoe drew three characters for me and I photographed them with my iPhone.

So now to make the paper behind them disappear. Open Paint 2 and hit create new. You will see it look like this…

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-4-01-08-pmThen click on the little picture of the Mountain with a plus sign.See red arrow above. Pick one of your art documents and import it into Paint 2. Center it in the middle like this.

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-10-56-34-pmNow you basically want to erase the “white paper” behind the image and make the whole background grey and white checked.

Next check the white box with the pink magic wand. See red arrow above. This will allow you to erase the background. Start near your artwork and drag your cursor towards the outer edge. You want the whole background to be orange eventually but not be careful not to let it erase your image. It may take a few tries to get it. You can always undo. Here is a pic of me in the middle of doing it.

img_4755Once you get the space you want deleted in orange, hit delete on your keyboard. You can always then go through and clean up anything it didn’t get. You just have to experiment a bit to see how it works. You’ll get it!

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-11-17-20-pmNow you can see that all of the surrounding paper is gone! Voila!

Go to File, Export and save as a PNG. (The PNG will keep the background transparent.)

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-11-19-09-pmObviously remember where you save it. 😉 Now you have an image without a background!


Boom! Now open Canva and have some fun! I’ll show you what I did, but sky’s the limit!




Enter your dimensions, I made 6″ the height because I wanted it to be vertical.




Once it uploads, DRAG it to the postcard.


Change the size by dragging on the box around it. Add a BACKGROUND.


Go to TEXT and TYPE BUBBLE. Find the conversation bubble you’d like and drag it onto the postcard.


Change the font, and word using the toolbar at the top of the page.


Change the color of anything you drag in by clicking on the color box in the upper left hand corner.


Add other objects, by searching. Make it any size you’d like using the square around it.


Again, change the color by tapping on the color square. The colors you have used will be listed in document colors.


Copy anything you’d like by selecting it and hitting it copy.


Position the objects where you would like, changing the size as well.


Add more fun text, change the color and font.


You’re done! Download. I always choose PDF – Print, because I find it to be the highest resolution.

And here is the final product! Let me know if you have any questions! And have fun creating! Don’t forget something delish in the Sippy Cup!


Bottoms up!

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