Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival

Hello Brooklyn! The Blossoms have blossomed and are gorgeous! So before it starts snowing pink petals, take a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see these beauties in person! They don’t last for long!

This weekend is the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival! And it’s perfect timing because the blossoms are in full bloom. The kids and I checked out the scene yesterday and we can assure you, it’s spectacular! This weekend will admittedly be crowded, but also amazing. On top of the beautiful blossoms, the Sakura Matsuri festival will be in full swing…with over 60 performances and events that celebrate Japanese culture, both traditional and contemporary. This festival is all about savoring each minute of the cherry blossom season. Buy advance tickets here. Kids 12 and under are FREE! Yahoo.

The weather is going to be lovely…so bring the kids, bring a camera and gaze up into the pink clouds of blossoms. More information about what is and isn’t allowed at the end of this post!

Ok lovelies…here is the skinny about maneuvering the crowds at the festival, which is admittedly one of the busiest days at the BBG. If you have freedom during the week, I may suggest waiting until an off day, but then again the festival is super fun.

  • Advance tickets are required for the festival.
    • $30 Adults
    • $25 Students & Seniors
    • Kids under 12 are FREEEEEEE!
  • Parking is going to be a nightmare, so take public transportation if possible.
    • 2/3 to Eastern Parkway
    • B/Q/S to Prospect Park Station (no B on weekends)
    • 4/5 to Franklin Avenue Station
  • Early morning or late afternoon is your best bet to avoid the huge crowds
  • No outside food or beverages. Which means you’ll have to leave your Sippy Cup at home. Sigh. But you can bring water bottles and baby bottles. There are food and drink stations throughout the Garden.
  • Don’t pick the flowers or climb the trees. Duh.
  • No scooters or bikes and they discourage strollers on festival days which would scare me. HA!
  • Large Bags subject to search
  • Cosplay seems to be a big part of festivities (love it!) but leave the real or realistic weapons, oversized props at home.
  • Skip the line if you become a member!

Park Hours are 10am – 6pm

Check out the SATURDAY EVENTS here and the SUNDAY EVENTS here. Lots of cool stuff going on all day long!

Once you’re blossomed out, Chavelas is my fave restaurant near the Garden.

Cheers! xo

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  1. Marianne Diorio Ponton
    April 29, 2017 / 11:10 am

    Cherry blossoms are my favorite!
    I adore this post!

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