Kids Desk Makeover

As much as I don’t want to accept it, homework season has begun!

Until yesterday, the kids’ desks were a cluttered mess. Trust me, this is all still a bit overstuffed for my taste, but I want my kids to feel as though their desks are actually functional for them. And make them happy. So the LEGOs and art and Rubik’s cubes and gemstones and miniatures will have to stay. I also want to show you the REAL LIFE look. I could clear out their crap, pop down a succulent along with a No. 2 pencil and call it a day. But, this is really what it looks like.

I do love this desk set up from The Container Store. THIS IS NOT AN AD…I just love the easy way you can configure the height of the desk and raise it as they get older. I added these boards on the back wall to allow them to customize how they want their desk to look. There are so many great extras you can add like trays, pen holders, boxes, hooks and scissor holders. And they are magnetic!

Under the desks I added this great rolling cart. Each kids gets two drawers and Who doesn’t like a label?!? Omg, I’m a label addict. I admit it. Check out these label holders. Loving. Them. This is the label maker I use to label everything BTW. I get all different kinds of labels (clear, red, etc.) Makes me so happy.

I gotta say, Ikea is my fave place for bins and boxes. And how cute are these little red suitcases? They are great to store things you don’t need all the time, like smocks or notebooks, etc. The white bins are either these or these. I feel like there are so many more styles when you go in the actual store.

I also did a big craft organization in the Ikea Kallax shelf unit on the right. Anyone else still call it Expedit”? Totally aging myself. LOL. I love those bins, but I bought them a million years ago, and I’m pretty sure they are discontinued! WAH!

Just seeing my daughter do her homework at an actual clean desk made me so happy! And look what her homework says!

How can she have successful homework? Keeping her desk uncluttered! OMG! Me for the WIN!

Ok, Goodbye. I’m going to enjoy the way this looks for twenty minutes. The kids will home soon. 


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