courtney brooke rohler 1978

Blogging the truth about what it means to be a mom, a wife, a chick, a friend, a New Yorker. Brooklyn SAHM to six year old Zoe and 3 year old Zeke. I love it so much except when I don’t. Look, I have an awesome life. I’m blessed and lucky and happy and loved and totally pumped that I get to live this amazing story. I shouldn’t complain. But sometimes I do. Just like you. Which is why we’re going to get along.

Let’s tell it like it is, ladies…and have some fun while we do it.
And enjoy the small stuff. And sweat the big stuff.
And drink wine. Or seltzer. Or scotch. We don’t care as long as we are toasting each other with our sippy cups…

Let’s just tell the truth. And be good to ourselves. And cheer each other on. And up. And out. And let’s remember that even that most upbeat, perfectly put-together, gorgeous, talented, savvy mom feels vulnerable and has crappy days and thinks she is the worst mom on the planet. Oh and let’s not be Judge-y McJudge-sters. Because no one wants that and we’re all we’ve got.

And we’re all awesome pants.

Now let’s open another bottle…