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String Cheese Bunnies!

  String Cheese Bunnies! Come on, super cute right? Last week I made these for my daughter’s kindergarten class. They were a huge hit. I made 25 (a few for the teachers too!) and I…

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Lovin’ the Bloglovin’

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Custom “Canva” Valentines

My daughter wanted to have three different kinds of valentines this year. Moana, Poppy from Trolls and Ash from Sing. We wanted them to have a homemade feel, but the thought of making 30 of…

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(OR WHY I  ♥  FORMULA, EPIDURALS & PROZAC) Ok my lovelies. Let’s talk. These past few months have been…well…shitty at best. With Trump at the helm, our world has been turned upside down and each…

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Peacefully Pissed

My lovely badasses. You did it. We did it. Yesterday we made history in the most cool, most peaceful, most organized, most pinkest way possible. We not only proved to ourselves that we could pull…

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