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Magical Minimalism

Welcome to my new SUNDAY “SERMON” WITH A SIPPY CUP  series! Basically this series will be me giving myself a pep talk every Sunday. I’m far from religious and my church consists of going to brunch…

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2016: What I’ve learned, loved and decided to be TRUE..

Here it is lovelies. The quintessential “What I’ve learned in 2016” blog post.  In no particular order… Lysol sponges are life changing sponges. Go ahead, laugh. Then buy them. You know that awful sponge smell? No…

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Welcome lovelies. Let’s Do This.

Hello there lovely people. Welcome to Wine in a Sippy Cup. It’s a blog I’ve been meaning to start for about 2 years now and something always gets in the way. These “somethings” range from…

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